azul is planting a vegetable garden. he is using a bag of marbles to determine how many of each veggie to plant. his bag contains 10 red marbles representing tomatoes, 80 green marbles representing zucchini, and 110 orange and marbles representing carrots. zillow randomly selects a marble from the bag, then replaces it and shakes up the bag before selecting another marble. if he repeats this 50 times, about how many zucchini can he expect plan?

Accepted Solution

1. Total number of marbles=10 red marbles+80 green marbles+110 orange marbles=200 marbles
2. Let's call "V" the event that consists that he selects a green marble from the bag. Then:

 3. This problem can be represented by a binomial distribution, where:


 4. The expect value in a binomial function is written as below:


 The answer is: He can expect 20 zucchini.