Antonina needs to have worked at least 909090 volunteer hours to graduate. She has already volunteered with a housing organization over the summer for 525252 hours. Antonina needs to tutor after school for 333 hours per week to complete the remainder of her volunteer hours. If www is the number of weeks that Antonina needs to tutor in order to complete her volunteer hours, which of the following inequalities best models the situation described above?

Accepted Solution

An inequality can be formed by simply translating the problem statement to numerical expressions.

From the problem we know that [tex]3w[/tex] added with [tex]52[/tex] hours should be equal or greater than [tex]90[/tex] (helpful insight from the keyword "at least"). Therefore, it's inequality would look like:

[tex]3w+52>=90[/tex] (>= is used instead of ≥ for constraints in formatting)

The inequality above best models the situation.