A country's population in 1990 was 46 million.In 2002 it was 49 million. Estimatethe population in 2006 using the exponentialgrowth formula. Round your answer to thenearest million.P= Aekt

Accepted Solution

Answer:   50 millionStep-by-step explanation:You don't need to go to the trouble to find the value of k in e^(kt). Rather, you can use the given ratio directly.When t = years after 1990, the population of 49 million took 12 years to achieve. The estimate desired is for 16 years after the year 1990. The appropriate exponential formula for the population is ...   P = 46·(49/46)^(t/12)Then for t=16, this is ...   P = 46·(49/46)^(16/12) ≈ 50.04 . . . .  millionThe population in 2006 is estimated at 50 million._____The form of the exponential equation we used above is ...   f(x) = (baseline value)·(ratio to baseline)^(x/(interval corresponding to ratio))